Our Story

This is NOT your father's marketing.

Specificity is a digital marketing company operating in Tampa, Florida. But the internet is everywhere, and so are we! We build digital marketing campaigns for all sorts of businesses, small to large, all over the country. Our core mission is to offer our clients the most advanced audience targeting capabilities out there. We believe that precision targeting is the key to building the most successful marketing campaigns possible.

There are no participation trophies in marketing.

None whatsoever.

People are buying products and services just like yours every single day. So your campaign either wins new customers or it loses them. That’s why talking to the exact right people is imperative. The way in which you identify your audience dictates the success of the campaign right out of the gate.

Specificity offers both the most granular targeting anywhere in digital marketing and the ad deployment tools guaranteed to drive results.

Meet Our Team

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Jason Wood

Chief Executive Officer, CEO


Kevin Frisbie

Chief Revenue Officer, CRO

William Anderson

William Anderson

Chief Operating Officer, COO

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Mary Steele

Creative Director

BC Headshot_02-06-2023

Brittany Crawford

Director of Account Management & Client Success


Mitch Frisbie

Director of Digital Strategy

Specificity Headshot Destiny Rivers

Destiny Rivers

Account Manager


Rene Caldwell

Executive Assistant to the CEO


James Allen

Digital Strategist


Mika Parial

Graphic Design


Stephanie Reed

Business Development


Noella Tinkler

Business Development


Jerry McGee

Business Development


Marc Cohn

Business Development