How Does it Work

So where do the ads show up? The short answer is everywhere. Your ads will infiltrate the entire digital landscape of the audience we target. While it starts with the device ID, we leverage cross device technology to target most users on their tablets, desktop computers (both personal and work), laptops, connected TVs, connected gaming systems and apps like Hulu and Netflix.

This provides the opportunity to deliver multiple impression through multiple devices and channels. On most devices, they populate via in-app display ads on most of the popular apps, display ads through the search browser and all of the social media channels. The difference is that our ads only target those we’ve identified as the perfect audience for you business. No waste whatsoever.

Connect on any device


Why Device ID?

A device ID is the identifier of a smart phone and allows us to deliver ads in a myriad of ways. Deployment comes in many forms like in-app display ads, social media ads, display ads in browsers like Safari and Google Chrome. But the power of device ID targeting goes far beyond the smart phone. Cross device marketing allows us to also advertise on users’ tablets, desk top computers, laptops, smart TVs and services like Hulu and Netflix.

The power of device ID targeting is unmatched and offers the only opportunity to be so specific with audience identification while delivering ads across the entire digital landscape of the selected audience in a campaign. Device ID targeting offers a level of understanding no other digital strategy can deliver. It’s simply unmatched in the digital marketing world.

Track Results.
Know Your ROI.

Specificity Inc. has a core belief that if you can’t track results, it probably isn’t working. We can track the actual conversion results of every campaign. That puts you in the driver’s seat of your marketing spend. That’s power. That’s also why we do not require a length of service contract. If it doesn’t work; fire us!

Our tracking is hyper specific.
We can track in a number of ways.

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