Account Manager

We are looking for an Account Manager who can enhance our clients’ brands and build a strong online presence through our various digital media platforms. Account managers serve as the liaison between the company and our clients. This position will be responsible for all client relations and interactions related to set-up, managing and deploying digital media content that is designed to engage users and create an interactive relationship between the end user and our clients’ company. 

This role requires hands-on work on the various operational processes and ongoing functional improvements across the clients’ marketing campaigns. The successful candidate will also be required to collect and review advertising data with the clients. The Account Manager’s core priority is addressing customers’ needs and concerns as quickly and effectively as possible to develop and maintain strong relationships.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Work closely with the clients and our marketing team to develop digital media campaigns that help to achieve specific marketing goals
  • Maintain client expectations and needs
  • Coordinating creative, digital strategy and client expectations
  • Deliver bi-monthly reports on campaign performance to the client
  • Monitor the clients’ social media accounts and other digital campaigns and offer constructive insight on performance and interactions in conjunction with our Digital Strategy team
  • Analyze the long-term needs of the clients’ digital media strategies in conjunction with the Digital Strategy team and offer quarterly reports to the management and executive teams that outline any necessary changes to the digital marketing plan.

Qualifications and Skills:

  • Exceptional multi-tasking skills
  • Good phone presence
  • Exceptional people skills
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Comfortable with learning new technologies and platforms
  • The ability to self learn and critically think to resolve situations
  • Proficient in grammar for ad copy creation and client interaction
  • Punctuality
  • A positive attitude