Our thoughts and prayers are with those whom have been affected by Hurricane Ian!

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First we want to start out by saying our hearts go out to everyone who was affected by Hurricane Ian. It is absolutely heartbreaking for us at Specificity to see the devastation the people of Fort Myers and neighboring areas have to endure.

With a majority of our team residing in the Tampa Bay area, we experienced first hand the evacuation panic and the after effects of the storm. Since we all went through this, it illuminated some areas where our technology could have helped and where we hope to help in the future! 

Let’s start with the first problem that’s been brought to light– an information issue that could be helped. After the storm ended, and team members tried getting to their families in the heavily affected areas, they were unable to get to them due to roads being closed because of flooding, or they couldn’t find an open gas station to make the trip. It was very difficult finding out what businesses were open, who was able to sell gas, and what routes were open to get to the destinations for residents. In the future, we would like to utilize our technology to get these updates to area residents who need them and also help the businesses in the area get information to their customers.

The second way we think our technology could help in further instances is providing updates to the family members of those in the affected areas. We are able to append data to determine devices of family members. Many people were left with no communication with their loved ones, or information on how to get to them. 

Our technology is helpful in countless ways for marketing efforts and driving revenue, but we know this strategy will be useful in the future with keeping people informed and safe! We hope to do just that!

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