We call Bullsh!t


Target number one acquired: Facebook, who’s surprised? If you are still relying on Facebook’s targeting to reach your most ideal audience…. You’re f*cked!

We recently spoke with a prospective client that was given a HALF A MILLION in free marketing credit from Facebook, and they garnered $10k in sales from that campaign. Can you imagine if that was their own money?

Apple and Android put many new processes and guidelines in place that resulted in a huge hit to Facebook’s ad revenue. This took a hit due to the lack of data now available to Facebook from apps to be used for targeting customers by selects and behaviors. This makes a huge impact on your campaign! You used to be able to target people on Facebook based on their interests, their shopping habits, and demographics such as job title and income. All of this targeting is now wiped from Facebook’s ad platform. You can now only target very broad audiences, which in turn requires more ad spend to garner the same result.

Long before the Apple and Android changes, Facebook was already facing problems due to their data handling which resulted in thousands of targeting metrics being removed from the platform. Facebook now sees targeting specific selects and behaviors as discrimination. When in fact there is nothing discriminatory about it. It is simply targeting the individuals who make the most sense for your product or service. Call us crazy… but would you market pool products or pool maintenance services to people who don’t have a pool? Targeting anyone else sounds like a waste of money to me! We have witnessed ourselves! A pool company clients ads are constantly getting flagged for discrimination, and we have to fight with the support desk to get them running again. There is nothing troublesome about these ads, simply displaying their products or maintenance services with the call to action being” buy your products” now or “schedule your service”!

In conclusion, if your marketing firm is still simply using Facebook’s targeting metrics and telling you it’s working…. we call bullsh!t. It is time to switch up your strategy! You can still serve ads on social, because let’s not be stupid– that is where comsumers spend a TON of time. We would be nonsensical to cut social out as a whole. But now it is time to get around the new platform changes and still get in front of the audience that is your highest likely conversion!

The technology already exists and we utilize it for all of our clients! We can build out granular audiences to target users based on their physical visit behavior, online behaviors and demographics and simply publish those data sets to the ad serving platforms. Quit believing in Big Tech. They only care about one thing, and it’s not your ROI… it’s theirs.

There has to be more reason behind their branding change to Meta and we’ll let their stock price speak for itself.

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